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My mission is to assist you in your journey towards

emotional and social growth through 

self-discovery, and self-fulfillment


A personal note from Dr. Michelle Mann

Welcome to my site: ‘Be The Key Counselling Services’ for Personal Growth and Well-Being. 


More and more people find it beneficial to meet with a clinical counsellor and personal coach who accepts them as they are and works with them to achieve their goals in life, to disentangle from distractive habits, and/or to cope with life’s hardships. This current pandemic brings more unique challenges to our lives; meanwhile, this adversity presents opportunities for meaningful inner work.


I believe that each person holds his/her own key to 'unlock the door' to an enhanced quality of life and happiness. This belief is based on my professional knowledge of theory, research and practice in clinical counselling for the past 33 years as well as my own life experience.


There are many ways to Be The Key and empower yourself to unlock the doors to well-being. You can do this through individual counselling sessions, group sessions, workshops, lectures, courses, consultation, and coaching. All of my services are personalized and tailored to each person, group or organization. The various counselling and coaching services in Be The Key Counselling are identified throughout this website. Be The Key programs are successful because they address your personal needs. If you wish to strive for personal growth and inner balance,  please click here, so we can connect.


To find out more about our free initial consultation, please email


Currently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Be The Key Counselling Services are taking place online.



Dr. Mann assists clients in coping with:


  • Stress, anxiety and panic

  • Post-traumatic stress

  • Low vitality and depression, including post-partum depression

  • Self-regulation, managing feelings and behaviours

  • Terminal illness, injuries and chronic disease

  • Low self-esteem

  • Identity confusion, sexual identity and gender identity

  • LGBTQ+ issues

  • Procrastination, performance enhancement

  • Creative blocks:

       Unlocking creativity, validating the authentic voice and cultivating self-expression

  • Life transitions and personal growth

  • Relationships issues:

       Relational issues, loneliness and solitude

  • Secure attachment and communication skills

  • Family, couple and parenting challenges

  • Life and career changes, relocation and immigration

  • School/work adjustment challenges​

  • Bullying and assertiveness issues, including cyber bullying at work and at school.​

  • Death and dying

  • Grief and loss

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Individual Counselling

My Professional Approach

Be The Key Groups
Groups for Adults

Trust, respect, warmth, caring and compassion are essential elements in my counselling work. Many mental health practitioners have inspired me including Carl Rogers, Victor Frankel, Irvin Yalom, Virginia Satir, Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Peter Levin. I approach counselling from a holistic and integrative viewpoint with a deep esteem for your journey, perspective, and experience. Counselling will help you rediscover your strengths in order to cope better with life’s challenges. 

Be The Key Groups cover a wide range of group counselling programs for individuals in different age groups.

The groups focus on mindfulness and are derived from the School of Positive Psychology. This is a field of study that centres on the shift from mental illness and weaknesses to strengths, happiness and well-being, as well as the prevention of mental disorders and social problems. 

During our lifetime we experience transitions, some of which are very challenging. Such changes could include loss of a loved one, an illness, a career change, experiencing an empty nest, a transition, moving or relocating, immigrating, caring for  family members, aging, divorce, and blending new families. Furthermore, this current pandemic brings unique and unprecedented challenges to our lives. 

Working in small groups will support you throughout the process of achieving well-being, happiness and fostering personal growth.  We will use Positive Psychology and creative methods such as arts, writing and drama.  No previous experience in psychology or the creative arts is needed.

Groups for Children
Clinical Supervision Groups for Therapists
Consultation for Companies and Institutes

A strengths-based approach to social and emotional intelligence. This workshop will help your child make a real and lasting change in his or her life.


Our programs are suited for children aged 4-12 who want to:

• Learn how to cope with emotions such as shyness, fear, stress or anger.

• Learn how to deal with social situations, such as bullying, fitting in, and keeping up with school requirements.


Children will:

• Explore what it is to be their own unique individuals

• Discover their strengths

• Practice strategies to deal with challenges of everyday life

• Learn to enhance their social skills and perform better in school

• Practice mindfulness and self-regulation, and develop more robust self-esteem

• Participate in games, art, music, drama, storytelling and group discussions

Clinical supervision for mental health professionals: 

Clinical supervision takes place individually and/or in groups. The maximum capacity for a group is six participants.

The following may benefit from this service:

• Psychotherapists in private practice 

• School counsellors

• Teachers interested in transitioning to school counselling

• Expressive Art therapists

In addition to providing this service, Michelle has developed and been teaching clinical supervision courses at the Justice Institute of British Columbia since 2018.

We provide consulting services for various companies. 

Please be in touch if you are interested in consulting with regards to business culture, social justice, and mindfulness in the work place.


Dr. Mann is available to give a lecture at your next event.


Michelle is an adjunct faculty has lectured at many institutions including the Justice Institute of British Columbia, Adler University, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver Community College, City University and Langara College.

Lecture topics include:

• Living mindfully

• Resilience and compassion

• Love and Relationships

• Communication and Humour

Get in touch to learn more.


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